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ПрофессииStudies in Asian Mission History, 1956-1998 (Studies in Christian Mission)

Studies in Asian Mission History, 1956-1998 (Studies in Christian Mission)
Название:Studies in Asian Mission History, 1956-1998 (Studies in Christian Mission)
Автор:Arnulf Camps
Издательство:Brill Academic Publishers
Дата издания:2000-03
Размер: 17 MB

In this volume the miscellaneous writings of Arnulf Camps are published. They deal with the activities of Catholic missionaries during the last five centuries in nine countries situated between Turkey and Japan. This research focused on the discovery of hidden, unknown or forgotten sources. New insights were gained into: the reception of the Christian faith in China and Japan; the missionary efforts to enter the Mogul Empire; the composition of the first Sanskrit grammar by a western scholar; the controversial study of Islam by a Franciscan missionary in China; the vain attempt to enter Afghanistan by Mill Hill missionaries; the pioneering work of the founder of Catholic education in Kandy; the policy and practice of establishing local churches in China, India and Vietnam; and the missionary reform by the first Apostolic Delegate in China.

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