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ПрофессииProgress in Turbulence (Springer Proceedings in Physics)

Progress in Turbulence (Springer Proceedings in Physics)
Название:Progress in Turbulence (Springer Proceedings in Physics)
Автор:Joachim Peinke, Achim Kittel, Stephan Barth, Martin Oberlack
Дата издания:2005-03-24
Размер:4.00 MB

The objective of this book is to comprise basic research as well as research related to application of turbulence. Therefore, both leading engineers and physicists working in the field of turbulenceВwere invited to the iTi Conference on Turbulence held in Bad Zwischenahn, Gemany 21st - 24th of September 2003. Discussed topics include, for example, thermal convection, boundary layer at large Reynolds numbers, isotropic turbulence, stochastic processes, passive and active scalars, coherent structures, numerical simulations, and related subjects.
Invited speakers:
Robert A. Antonia,ВThe University of Newcastle
Bernard Castaing, Ecole Normale Superieur Lyon
Charles R. Doering, University of Michigan
BerengГЁre Dubrulle, CNRS Gif sur Yvette Cedex
Detlef Lohse, University Twente
Ke-Qing Xia, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shigeo Kida, National Institute for Fusion Science Tokio
Leonhard Kleiser, ETH Zurich
Robert D. Moser, University of Illionois

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