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ПрофессииEnvironment and Children: Passive Lessons from the Everyday Environment

Environment and Children: Passive Lessons from the Everyday Environment
Название:Environment and Children: Passive Lessons from the Everyday Environment
Автор:Christopher Day
Издательство:Architectural Press
Дата издания:2007-10-18
Размер: 5,5 MB

How does the built environment affect children - their health, their behaviour, education and development? To support them, what do we need to consider and what do we need to do? Can our surroundings foster environmental and social awareness and responsibility?

Based on Christopher Day's experiences designing schools and early childhood centres in the United States and Britain, this groundbreaking book sets out to answer these questions and to offer solutions.

Children all too often find themselves living in alien surroundings designed with the needs of adults in mind, cut off not just from the natural environment but also childhood itself. Society's reaction - to cocoon children from the outside world or to resort to drugs to control behaviour - fails to address the fundamental causes of problems which lie in the environment not the children themselves.

One of the world's leading thinkers on the impact of buildings on people, Christopher Day's insights offer new light on one of the most important issues for today's society.

* Groundbreaking study of the impact of the built environment on children's health and behaviour
* What our surroundings teach our children
* Designing environments that nourish imagination and creativity

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