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ПрофессииThe Facts on File Encyclopedia of Health And Medicine

The Facts on File Encyclopedia of Health And Medicine
Название:The Facts on File Encyclopedia of Health And Medicine
Автор:James Chambers, Lee Ann Chearney, Deborah S. Romaine, Candace B., Ph.D. Levy, Cathy S. Jewell
Издательство:Facts on File
Дата издания:2006-11-30
Размер:17.00 MB

As medical and scientific breakthroughs lead physicians to a deeper understanding of human health, personal knowledge of the different body systems, their functions, and the myriad issues confronting them is becoming increasingly important. The Facts On File Encyclopedia of Health and Medicine is a comprehensive, four-volume reference that is perfect for a wide audience--from students to health professionals to lay readers--looking for reliable, accurate, and accessible health information. Under the direction of a medical advisory review panel, this authoritative work features contributions from a diverse group of medical professionals--including psychologists, dermatologists, pulmonary and critical care specialists, gynecologists, cardiologists, ophthalmologists, gastroenterologists, and many others. The wide range of topics spans from infancy to old age, and the coverage is sensitive to differences between genders and ethnic groups. Body systems are covered in individual sections in

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