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ПрофессииSupramolecular Organometallic Chemistry

Supramolecular Organometallic Chemistry
Название:Supramolecular Organometallic Chemistry
Автор:Ionel Haiduc, Frank Thomas Edelmann
Дата издания:2000-01-24
Размер: 25,2 mb

Supramolecular chemistry has become not only a major field of chemistry, but is also a vivid interface between chemistry, biology, physics, and materials science. Although still a relatively young field, termini such as molecular recognition, host-guest chemistry, or self-assembly are now common knowledge even for chemistry students, and research has already been honored with a Nobel Prize.

This first book on supramolecular organometallic chemistry combines two areas in chemistry that are experiencing the fastest developments. It provides a comprehensive review of various organometallic assemblies, arranged according to the types of intermolecular bonding. Details on the synthesis, structures, and properties of these compounds will be a valuable asset to the scientific community. The broad spectrum of assemblies containing main group element, transition metal, or f-element metal and a diverse range of ligands, held together by different bonding interactions make this a fascinating compilation. Illustrated extensively, this book is a very easily accessible, yet wide-ranging source of information.

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