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ПрофессииTax-Aware Investment Management: The Essential Guide

Tax-Aware Investment Management: The Essential Guide
Название:Tax-Aware Investment Management: The Essential Guide
Автор:Douglas S. Rogers CFA
Издательство:Bloomberg Press
Дата издания:2006-01-01
Размер:13.24 MB

Investment returns are uncertain, especially in today's economic environment. but taxes are a sure thing.
That's one reason why tax-aware investment management is essential for building and maintaining wealth.
In this comprehensive, groundbreaking book, Douglas S. Rogers, CFA, explains why many accepted investment strategies and techniques developed for tax-exempt institutional investors don't work for individuals who are subject to taxes. They will end up with substantially lower after-tax returns simply because their portfolios are not structured or managed with tax obligations in mind.
This book shows:
* How to measure and compare the tax-efficiency of mutual funds, hedge funds, and individual investment managers. * How the widely used style-box matrix can prove detrimental to after-tax investment returns. * How to minimize taxes on stock and bond portfolios and employ sophisticated strategies for offsetting gains against losses. * How to decide which asset categories should be placed in tax-deferred accounts such as IRAs and which should be placed in regular taxable accounts. * How to incorporate tax-aware techniques and insights into all facets of investment planning, portfolio management, and estate planning.

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