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ПрофессииPrinciples of Applied Reservoir Simulation, Second Edition

Principles of Applied Reservoir Simulation, Second Edition
Название:Principles of Applied Reservoir Simulation, Second Edition
Автор:John R. Fanchi PhD
Издательство:Gulf Professional Publishing
Дата издания:2001-07-04
Размер:23.84 MB

Principles of Applied Reservoir Simulation and its accompanying CD offer users a fully functioning reservoir simulator. Together, the book and CD provide a hands-on introduction to the process of reservoir modeling and show how to apply reservoir simulation technology and principles.

The book begins with a reservoir engineering primer that makes information accessible to geologists, geophysicists, and hydrologists, and serves as a review for petroleum engineers. The second part of the volume, covering modeling principles, has been substantially revised and updated since the first edition.

The simulator, WINBD4, is a version of the first edition's BOAST4D flow simulator, modified for use in a Windows operating environment with a dynamic memory management system that expands the applicability of the program. It also includes a visualization feature that provides a 3D perspective of the reservoir.

Accompanied by a CD that offers a fully functioning reservoir simulator

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