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ПрофессииQuality and Safety in Pharmacy Practice

Quality and Safety in Pharmacy Practice
Название:Quality and Safety in Pharmacy Practice
Автор:Terri L. Warholak, David P. Nau
Издательство:McGraw-Hill Professional
Дата издания:2010-06-10
Размер: 43.9 mb

Gain a complete understanding of the principles of quality improvement and their application to present and future pharmacy practice
"This is a nice introduction to the concepts of continuous quality improvement. It is a comfortable read and is written at an elementary level in comparison to other textbooks in the pharmacy curriculum. This may be necessary, since the authors rightly conclude there is a lack of discussion of quality improvement in the pharmacy curriculum. 3 Stars."--Doody's Review Service
"This book is a great resource for pharmacists and pharmacy students who want to learn about safety and quality in pharmacy practice."--Laura Cranston, RPh, Executive Director, The Pharmacy Quality Alliance
Quality and Safety in Pharmacy Practice details the principles, approaches, strategies, and actions necessary to improve the overall safety and effectiveness of pharmacy services. Although one of the book's primary goals is to enhance the quality of future health care, you will find guidelines that can be implemented immediately to improve today's pharmacy practice. This comprehensive text offers a complete overview of quality in general, the reasons for improving practice, and actual day-to-day changes and approaches that will positively impact the patient.
Quality and Safety in Pharmacy Practice is divided into five parts, covering:

The current and future landscape of health care quality and the business case for quality improvement and value-driven health care
Quality improvement concepts and tools, including statistical process control
Quality and safety measurement, including mechanisms for gathering consumer feedback
Incentives and other drivers of quality improvement
Application of the principles of quality improvement to pharmacy practice -- complete with case examples

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