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ПрофессииParabolic Equation Methods for Electromagnetic Wave Propagation (Electromagnetic Waves Series)

Parabolic Equation Methods for Electromagnetic Wave Propagation (Electromagnetic Waves Series)
Название:Parabolic Equation Methods for Electromagnetic Wave Propagation (Electromagnetic Waves Series)
Автор:M. Levy
Издательство:Institution of Engineering and Technology
Дата издания:2000-02-26
Размер: 10 MB

Parabolic equation methods, used to analyze radiowave propagation in radar and radio communication systems, have become the dominant tool for assessing clear-air and terrain effects on propagation. This volume introduces the mathematical background to parabolic equation modelling and describes simple parabolic equation algorithms before progressing to more advanced topics, including domain truncation, impedance boundaries and the implementation of fast hybrid methods combining ray-tracing and parabolic equation techniques. The text's self-contained approach is suited to graduate students and researchers with little experience of radiowave propagation.
Also available:
Propagation, Scattering and Diffraction of Electromagnetic Waves - ISBN 9780863412837
Ionospheric Radio - ISBN 9780863411861
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