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ПрофессииVisual Perception and Action in Sport

Visual Perception and Action in Sport
Название:Visual Perception and Action in Sport
Автор:Keith Davids, A Mark Williams, John G. Williams
Дата издания:1999-03-16
Размер:3.80 MB

In the past few decades there has been increasing recognition of the role of perception in successful sport performance. Athletes are dependent upon a constant supply of accurate and reliable information from the environment whilst performing complex movements. Visual Perception and Action in Sport examines the information which is perceived by the human visual system and the way it is utilised to support actions in sport.
The book is divided into three sections.
* an overview of the dominant traditional model of perception and action (the information processing approach) followed by an exploration of the processes which underpin perception and action.
* an alternative to the traditional model and examination of the prevailing theoretical models within the ecological approach
* a consolidation of the most recent theories of skill acquisition which have relevance to the study of perception and sport and their implications for practice in sport
A key theme to emerge from each of the chapters of this book is the integration of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise.
All three authors have expertise in the teaching and researching of motor learning and control in sport. They are currently undertaking projects in collaboration with universities and research centres around the world.

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