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ОС и БДEnterprise JavaBeans

Enterprise JavaBeans
Автор: Richard Monson-Haefel
Название: Enterprise JavaBeans
Издательство: O'Reilly
Год: 2001
Формат: pdf
Размер: 1,6 Mb

Enterprise JavaBeans was recently voted "Best Java Book" by the editors and readers of Java Developer's Journal. Readers of JavaPro named it the "Best Java Book for Experts." And Amazon.com included it in the Top Computer Books for 2000. Now the best only gets better! In the new 3rd edition, Enterprise JavaBeans has been completely revised and updated with a thorough introduction to the new 2.0 version of the EJB specification. Significantly different from the earlier version, the 2.0 specification introduces three dramatic improvements: A completely new version of container-managed persistence; local interfaces; and a totally new kind of bean called the "message driven bean." Enterprise JavaBeans, 3rd edition, provides a thorough discussion of these changes, along with an architecture overview, information on resource management and primary services, design strategies, and XML deployment descriptors.

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