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ОС и БДSQL: Visual QuickStart Guide (3rd Edition)

SQL: Visual QuickStart Guide (3rd Edition)
Автор: Chris Fehily
Название: SQL: Visual QuickStart Guide (3rd Edition)
Издательство: Peachpit Press
Год: 2008
Формат: pdf
Размер: 4,5 Mb

SQL is a standard interactive and programming language for querying and modifying data and managing databases. This task-based tutorial and reference guide takes the mystery out learning and applying SQL. After going over the relational database model and SQL syntax in the first few chapters, veteran author Chris Fehily immediately launches into the tasks that will get readers comfortable with SQL. In addition to covering all the SQL basics, this thoroughly updated reference contains a wealth of in-depth SQL knowledge and serves as an excellent reference for more experienced users.

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