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ОС и БДOracle Application Express 4 Recipes

Oracle Application Express 4 Recipes

Название: Oracle Application Express 4 Recipes
Издательство: Apress
Автор: Edmund Zehoo
Год: 2011
Количество страниц: 356
Формат: PDF
Размер: 23 mb
Язык: English

Oracle Application Express 4 Recipes provides an example-based approach to learning Application Express—the ground-breaking, rapid application development platform included with every Oracle Database license. The recipes format is ideal for the quick-study who just wants a good example or two to kick start their thinking and get pointed in the right direction.

The recipes cover the gamut of Application Express development. Author and Application Express expert Edmund Zehoo shows how to create data entry screens, visualize data in the form of reports and charts, implement validation and back-end logic, and much more. Solutions are presented in an easy problem/solution format, which you can copy and adapt for your own use. Detailed discussion for each solution deepens your understanding and aids in customizing the solutions to fit your particular development challenges.
Teaches Application Express via an example-based format
Takes you from beginner to intermediate level
Shows how to build a fully-functional web store in just one hour

What you’ll learn
- Create web application forms and tables
- Customize application look and feel
- Visualize data via reports, calendars, maps, and charts
- Globalize applications in support of language and regional differences
- Implement complex business logic
- Optimize the performance of Application Express
- Protect applications from security threats

Who this book is for
Oracle Application Express 4 Recipes is aimed at web application developers, PL/SQL developers, and database administrators wishing to learn and use Oracle’s groundbreaking tool for rapid development—Application Express. The book is a quick-study and is perfect for the reader who wants only a good example to work from, customize, and adapt.

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