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Наука и учебаMultifunctional Pharmaceutical Nanocarriers (Fundamental Biomedical Technologies)

Multifunctional Pharmaceutical Nanocarriers (Fundamental Biomedical Technologies)
Название:Multifunctional Pharmaceutical Nanocarriers (Fundamental Biomedical Technologies)
Автор:Vladimir Torchilin
Дата издания:2008-05-19
Размер: 18,6 mb

Various pharmaceutical nanocarriers, such as nanospheres, nanocapsules, liposomes, micelles, cell ghosts, lipoproteins and some others are widely used for experimental (and already clinical) delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic agents. The use of nanoparticulate pharmaceutical carriers to enhance the in vivo efficiency of many drugs well established itself over the past decade both in pharmaceutical research and clinical setting. Looking into the future of the field of drug delivery, we have to think about the development of the next generation of pharmaceutical nanocarriers combining the whole variety of properties and allowing for the simultaneous performance of multiple functions. Surface modification of pharmaceutical carriers is often used to control their properties in a desirable fashion and make them to simultaneously perform several different functions. This book is all about these futuristic multifunctional medicines.
Multifunctional Pharmaceutical Nanocarriers intends to bring together the experts in the field of multifunctional nanopharmaceuticals to provide the reader with the cutting edge information, a critical overview of the field, and analysis of the current and future tendencies and developments to aid in the rapid developments in the field.

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