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Наука и учебаAnimal Cell Culture (Methods in Molecular Biology)

Animal Cell Culture (Methods in Molecular Biology)
Название:Animal Cell Culture (Methods in Molecular Biology)
Автор:Jeffrey W. Pollard, John M. Walker
Издательство:Humana Press
Дата издания:1990-01-01
Размер: 52,8 mb

Animal Cell Culture, the latest volume in Humana's highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series, provides detailed practical techniques for the culture of a broad spectrum of basic cell cell types. Chapters offer hands-on methods for creating mammalian fibroblastic cell cultures and maintaining culture conditions for epithelial, neuronal, and hematopoietic cells among others. Attention is given to the diversity of culture media and extracellular matrices needed to maintain the differentiated functions of the cultured cells.

The book's special strength lies in its descriptions of culture techniques for both living and fixed cells. Chapters cover techniques such as: • cinematographic analysis • in situ mRNA hybridization • immunofluorescence • immunoelectron microscopy • somatic cell hybridization • DNA transformation • insect cell culture • creation of hybridoma cell lines • monoclonal antibody techniques • new, specialized methodologies. A useful appendix lists the most commonly used culture media.

Comprehensive in scope and coverage, and thoroughly up-to-date, Pollard and Walker's unique handbook on ANIMAL CELL CULTURE is an indispensable resource for both the novice and the seasoned expert.

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