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Наука и учебаFlying Off Course: The Economics of International Airlines

Flying Off Course: The Economics of International Airlines
Название:Flying Off Course: The Economics of International Airlines
Автор:Rigas Doganis
Дата издания:1991-12-03
Размер: 2.9 MB

Flying Off Course provides fascinating insights into the field of international transport as seen from an economist's perspective. In the five years since the first edition appeared, the international airline industry has changed dramatically. With the growth in deregulation have come new operating practices and management concepts. This enlarged second edition reflects these changes by incorporating new material. It analyses the key aspects of the industry such as: the factors affecting airline costs; the problems of pricing; airline marketing and product planning; the impact of United States deregulation; European air transport after 1992; the crisis in airfreight; and the economics of charters.

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