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Наука и учебаThe Dollarization Debate

The Dollarization Debate
Название:The Dollarization Debate
Автор:Dominick Salvatore, James W. Dean, Thomas Willett
Издательство:Oxford University Press, USA
Дата издания:2003-03-27
Размер: 2.9 MB

This book takes a global approach, with an emphasis on North and Latin America respectfully, by discussing one of today's most controversial topics in business; Dollarization. With the collapse of the former Soviet Union, and the formation of the Euro in Europe, many countries and debating whether or not a common currency is in their best interest. This intriguing volume brings together the leading participants in the current dollarization debates. Many advocate the notion of a common currency, while others feel that in doing so will create financial costs for all that take part, with the severity varying from country to country.

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