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Наука и учебаErgodic theorems (De Gruyter studies in mathematics)

Ergodic theorems (De Gruyter studies in mathematics)
Название:Ergodic theorems (De Gruyter studies in mathematics)
Автор:Ulrich Krengel
Издательство:W. de Gruyter
Дата издания:1985
Размер:3.06 MB

The study of ergodic theorems is the oldest branch of ergodic theory. It was started in 1931 by von Neumann and Birkhoff, having its origins in statistical mechanics. While new applications to mathematical physics continued to come in, the theory soon earned its own rights as an important chapter in functional analysis and probability.
So far, a comprehensive treatment has been neglected, and this book tries to provide it. Most of its material has not appeared in any other book. This applies even to older results, but the main body of the results is less than twenty years old and several interesting topics have just been added in the last decade.

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