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Наука и учебаTraining For Dummies

Training For Dummies
Название:Training For Dummies
Автор:Elaine Biech
Издательство:For Dummies
Дата издания:2005-03-25
Размер:11.31 MB

A straightforward guide to modern instructional techniques for professional and part-time trainers
Professionals called upon to provide training may know everything about the subject they teach, but that doesn't mean that they know how to teach it. Training For Dummies offers proven techniques of instructional design, giving trainers the tools they need to craft truly effective training courses. They'll learn how to size-up the audience, determine the type of training needed, deliver it effectively, and also measure the training's overall success. For the estimated 300,000 professional trainers who lack training in instructional design, Training For Dummies offers a fun and easy approach.
Elaine Biech (Norfolk, VA) is President and Managing Principal of ebb associates, inc., a strategic implementation, leadership development, and experiential learning consulting firm. Known as "the trainer's trainer," she is active in the American Society for Training & Development, and has been featured in such publications as The Wall Street Journal and Fortune magazine.

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