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Наука и учебаGetting Ready to Read with Readers Theatre

Getting Ready to Read with Readers Theatre
Название:Getting Ready to Read with Readers Theatre
Автор:Suzanne I. Barchers, Carla R. Pfeffinger
Издательство:Libraries Unlimited
Дата издания:2007-04-30
Размер: 1,88 mb

Getting Ready to Read with Readers Theatre contains fifty, reproducible scripts to entice the preschool and kindergarten group into beginning to read. These patterned scripts based on nursery rhymes, poetry and other fun things to read are grouped into traditional preschool and kindergarten curricular groupings. Reading level based on the Flesch-Kincaid scale will be 0.0. Kids will learn to read by hearing and repeating and seeing the patterns. The authors will include information about props, staging and how to introduce the concept of reading together to these very young children.

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