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Наука и учебаThe New Iraq

The New Iraq
Название:The New Iraq
Автор:Joseph Braude
Издательство:Basic Books
Дата издания:2003-03-25
Размер:10.50 MB

In the minds of many Americans, Iraq is synonymous with Saddam Hussein, an impression only reinforced by political leaders and the media over the last decade. But the debates over Saddam's regime have left out a vital piece of the story: the Iraqi people themselves. After three decades under Saddam's repressive rule, the question of "what comes next?" is an urgent one - and one that the American public needs to know more about. In The New Iraq, Middle East expert Joseph Braude tells the story of a country in flux, from memories of its distant past to the painful realities of life today, and explains how a global commitment to Iraq's renewal will benefit everyone who takes part in the emerging project of state-building.
The New Iraq's riveting portrayal of Iraqi society-from its preachers and wealthy elites to its prostitutes and disaffected majorities-sheds light on a world unknown to Westerners due to the country's decade-long international isolation. Major wars, 13 years of sanctions, and the domestic legacy of a police state have all combined to preserve and reinforce an old culture with attitudes and skill sets that other traditional societies would be hard pressed to match.
In The New Iraq, Joseph Braude draws upon his deep knowledge of the country's history and people to show how a viable Iraqi economy will liberate its society and thereby transform the Middle East. Confronting the challenges that lie ahead, Braude outlines the transition and transformation of Iraq's political system; the reengineering of its worn-out military into an army of nation-building; the promotion of religious tolerance; business opportunities that the country's reconstruction will open up; and the revitalization of its entertainment industry, media, and educational and legal systems.
Impressively researched and cogently argued, The New Iraq challenges all of us, from many countries and walks of life, to help reintegrate Iraq into the world community. The recipe for a prosperous new Iraq will marry the external demands of the global marketplace with an internal reappropriation of the unique attributes of Iraqi civilization.

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