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Наука и учебаEncyclopedia Of World Writers: Beginnings To 20th Century

Encyclopedia Of World Writers: Beginnings To 20th Century
Автор:Thierry Boucquey
Название: Encyclopedia Of World Writers: Beginnings To 20th Century (3 тома в одном файле: 0-13ВВ., 13-18ВВ, 19-20ВВ)
Издательство: Facts on File, Inc
Год: 2005
Формат: PDF
Размер: 6.3 MB
Кол-во стр.: 1248
Язык: английский
Качество: отличное
Для сайта: www.eknigi.org

Students often find it difficult to locate more than surface biographical data on world authors. Finding criticism--especially in English--can be equally frustrating. In addition to entries for genres, movements, and literary terms, this set offers critical biographies on an array of international authors. Coverage encompasses a spectrum of formats, including poetry, drama, fiction, memoir, essays, epics, odes, and sacred texts. The first volume begins with African proverbs dating from 1500 B.C and continues through the end of the thirteenth century. Volume 2 considers 1300 through the 1800s, and volume 3 concentrates on the past two centuries. The focus is on individuals and genres that are underrepresented in traditional resources. As a result, although there are numerous references to early Native American, Anglo-Saxon, and Celtic literature in the first volume, only a handful of English and English-speaking American writers appears in volume 2, and volume 3 does not include any writers from either the U.S. or Great Britain.

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