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Наука и учебаUnderstanding Engineering Mathematics

Understanding Engineering MathematicsНазвание: Understanding Engineering Mathematics
Автор: Bill Cox
Издательство: Bill Cox 2001
ISBN 0750650982
Язык: english
Cтраниц: 545 pages
Качество: хорошее
Формат: PDF (rar + 5%)
Размер: 2.3 Mb

This book contains most of the material covered in a typical first year mathematics course in an engineering or science programme. It devotes Chapters 1–10 to consolidating the
foundations of basic algebra, elementary functions and calculus. Chapters 11–17 cover the range of more advanced topics that are normally treated in the first year, such as vectors and matrices, differential equations, partial differentiation and transform methods.

1. Number and Arithmetic
2. Algebra
3. Functions and Series
4. Exponential and Logarithm Functions
5. Geometry of Lines, Triangles and Circles
6. Trigonometry
7. Coordinate Geometry
8. Techniques of Differentiation
9. Techniques of Integration
10.Applications of Differentiation and Integration
12.Complex Numbers
13.Matrices and Determinants
14.Analysis for Engineers - Limits, Sequences, Iteration, Series and All That
15.Ordinary Differential Equations
16.Funcions of More than One Variable - Partial Differentiation
17. An Appreciation of Transform Methods
-The Laplace transform
-Laplace Transform of the elementary function
-Properties, and Inverse Laplace transform
-Solution of initial value problems by Laplace Transform
-Linear systems and the principle of sueprposition
-Orthogonality relations for trigonometric functions
-The Fourier series expansion
-The Fourier coeffcients
-Answers to reinforcement exercises

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