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Наука и учебаTeaching Kids to Love the Earth

Teaching Kids to Love the EarthАвтор: Marina Lachecki, Joseph Passineau, Ann Linnea and Paul Treuer Published by University of Minnesota Press
Название: Teaching Kids to Love the Earth
Год: 1991
Формат: pdf
Размер: 10 mb

Teaching Kids to Love the Earth is a collection of 186 earth-caring activities designed for use with children of all ages to help them experience and appreciate the earth. This book leads you through the author's Sense of Wonder Circle: curiosity, exploration, discovery, sharing and passion. Each chapter contains a story, instructions for a main activity, suggestions for related activities and a list of additional resources. Teaching Kids to Love the Earth will enable you and the children you work with to experience a "sense of wonder" about the world we share. For over a decade these professional naturalists have conducted "Sense of Wonder" workshops nationwide for families and educators at environmental learning centers, nature reserves, family camps, colleges, and community programs. In addition to teaching, Ann Linnea, Paul Treuer, Marina Lachecki, and Joseph Passineau are avid outdoor adventurers who enjoy exploring the natural world with their own families. Lachecki and co-author James Kasperson have written a sequel, More Teaching Kids to Love the Earth.

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