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Наука и учебаThe Cambridge History of Russia, Volume 1

The Cambridge History of Russia, Volume 1The Cambridge History of Russia, Volume 1
Cambridge University Press
Год 2006-09-25
ISBN: 0521812275
Размер 800 pages
Формат PDF 7,7 MB

This is a definitive new history of Russia from early Rus’ to the successor states that emerged after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Volume I encompasses developments before the reign of Peter I; volume II covers the ‘imperial era’, from Peter’s time to the fall of the monarchy in March 1917; and volume III continues the story through to the end of the twentieth century. At the core of all three volumes are the Russians, the lands which they have inhabited and the polities that ruled them while other peoples and territories have also been given generous coverage for the periods when they came under Riurikid,Romanov and Soviet rule.The distinct voices of individual contributors provide a multitude of perspectives on Russia’s diverse and controversial millennial history.

Volume I
From Early Rus’ to 1689
Edited by Maureen Perrie

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