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Наука и учебаConceptual physics

Conceptual physics

Автор: Paul G. Hewitt
Название: Conceptual Physics, 10e
Издательство: Addison Wesley
ISBN: 0-321-31532-4
Формат: djvu
811 стр.

You know you can’t enjoy a game unless you know its rules; whether it’s a ball game, a computer game, or simply a party game. Likewise, you can’t fully appreciate your surroundings until you understand the rules of nature. Physics is the study of these rules, which show how everything in nature is beautifully connected. So the main reason to study physics is to enhance the way you see the physical world. You’ll see the mathematical structure of physics in frequent equations, but more that being recipes for computation, you’ll see the equations as guides to thinking.

I enjoy physics, and you will too – because you’ll understand it. If you get hooked and take a follow-up course, then you can focus on mathematical problems. Go for comprehension of concepts now, and if computation follows, it will be with understanding.

Enjoy your physics!

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