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Наука и учебаThe Transform and Data Compression Handbook

The Transform and Data Compression Handbook
Автор:Kamisetty Ramam Rao
Название:The Transform and Data Compression Handbook
Издательство:CRC Press
Год: 2000
Кол-во страниц: 408
Формат: Pdf
Размер: 14.8 MB
Язык: Английский

Data compression is one of the main contributing factors in the explosive growth in information technology. Without it, a number of consumer and commercial products, such as DVD, videophone, digital camera, MP3, video-streaming and wireless PCS, would have been virtually impossible. Transforming the data to a frequency or other domain enables even more efficient compression. By illustrating this intimate link, The Transform and Data Compression Handbook serves as a much-needed handbook for a wide range of researchers and engineers.

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