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Наука и учебаFundamental Building Technology

Fundamental Building Technology

Название: Fundamental Building Technology
Издательство: Spon Press
Автор: Andrew J. Charlett and Maybery-Thomas Craig
Год: 2007
Количество страниц: 288
Формат: PDF
Размер: 4,5 mb
Язык: English

All students undertaking Level One undergraduate programmes in construction need to develop an understanding of basic building techniques. This up-to-date and dependable textbook takes the reader through the essential skills, concepts and methods of constructing a simple house to provide a solid grounding in building techniques.

Working through each element of a building project and incorporating practical considerations from materials selection to implementation, this is the ideal handbook for all students who need a hands-on and thorough guide. Self-assessment exercises at key points underline the main concepts and make this text ideal for distance or independent learners as well as university students.

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Размер: 4.46 Mb(cкачиваний: 2)

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