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Наука и учебаLithic Technology: Measures of Production, Use and Curation

Lithic Technology: Measures of Production, Use and Curation
Название:Lithic Technology: Measures of Production, Use and Curation
Автор:William Andrefsky Jr.
Издательство:Cambridge University Press
Дата издания:2008-09-01
Формат: PDF
Размер: 12 MB

The life history of stone tools is intimately liked to tool production, use, and maintenance. These are important processes in the organization of lithic technology or the manner in which lithic technology is embedded within human organizational strategies of land use and subsistence practices. This volume brings together essays that measure the life history of stone tools relative to retouch values, raw material constraints, and evolutionary processes. Collectively, they explore the association of technological organization with facets of tool form such as reduction sequences, tool production effort, artifact curation processes, and retouch measurement. Data sets cover a broad geographic and temporal span, including examples from France during the Paleolithic, the Near East during the Neolithic, and other regions such as Mongolia, Australia, and Italy. North American examples are derived from Paleoindian times to historic period aboriginal populations throughout the United States and Canada.

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