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Наука и учебаChina's Power Sector Reforms: Where to Next?

China's Power Sector Reforms: Where to Next?
Название:China's Power Sector Reforms: Where to Next?
Автор:Organization for Economic Cooperation &
Издательство:Organization for Economic Cooperation & Devel
Дата издания:2006-07
Размер: 3.7 MB

China's Power Sector Reforms: Where to Next?
Organization for Economic Cooperation & (Author)
With the fastest growing energy demand in the world, China is now the largest electricity consumer after the United States. In 2005, China added the equivalent of all the power plants in Norway and Sweden to its electricity generating capacity - and its remarkable demand growth shows no sign of abating. To continue to build its booming economy, the country must keep its lights on and its factories, buildings and trains operating. No one questions China’s ability or determination to do this.

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