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Наука и учебаGeometric Theory of Dynamical Systems: An Introduction

Geometric Theory of Dynamical Systems: An Introduction
Название:Geometric Theory of Dynamical Systems: An Introduction
Автор:J. Jr. Palis, W. de Melo
Дата издания:1982-08-18
Размер:3.90 MB

This book grew from courses and seminars taught at IMPA and several other institutions both in Brazil and abroad, a first text being prepared for the Xth Brazilian Mathematical Colloquium. With several additions, it later became a book in the Brazilian mathematical collection Projeto Euclides, published in Portuguese. A number of improvements were again made for the present translation.
We are most grateful to many colleagues and students who provided us with useful suggestions and, above all, encouragement for us to present these introductory ideas on Geometric Dynamics. We are particularly thankful
to Paulo Sad and, especially to Alcides Lins Neto, for writing part of a first set of notes, and to Anthony Manning for the translation into English.

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