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Наука и учебаMarvelous Murals

Marvelous Murals
Marvelous Murals, «You Can Paint»
Автор: Gary Lord
Издательство: North Light Books
ISBN (eng): 0891349693
Язык: Английский
Количество страниц: 144
Формат: PDF
Размер файла: 42 Mb

From cave painting and Pompeian houses to the wallpaper scenery of a quarter-century ago, murals have come and gone from the home. These two books are evidence of a recent resurgence. Marvelous Murals is a good, straightforward manual for mountain scenes, woodlands, waterfalls, musical themes, underwater motifs, and farm scenes. Beginners will appreciate the progressive difficulty of the exercises, starting with room preparation and simple silhouettes and advancing to complex textures and perspectives. In Trompe l'Oeil Murals Using Stencils, Royals hopes to make it possible for the novice to achieve the heightened reality of the genre using the simplest of tools and methods.

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