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Наука и учебаGeorgian: A Learner's Grammar (Essential Grammars)

Georgian: A Learner's Grammar (Essential Grammars)
Название:Georgian: A Learner's Grammar (Essential Grammars)
Автор:George Hewitt
Дата издания:2005-08-09
Размер: 2.07 MB

This second edition of Georgian: A Learner's Grammar is a completely revised and updated guide to the fascinating and most widely spoken language of the Caucasus.
Presenting the language in the form of dialogues and reading passages, full attention is given to script reproduction and recognition, pronunciation, lexis and individual points of grammar.
Key features include:
* highlighting of verbal roots throughout
* new and varied exercises for practice of verb forms
* use of the new Georgian currency
* examples of Georgian literature, both poetry and prose, and each with its own self-contained vocabulary
* a reference section providing an answer key, a Georgian-English glossary and an index of grammatical terms.
With a varied and extensive range of exercise work, this new edition provides a comprehensive and carefully graded grammar of Georgian that has been successful over a number of years of use in the classroom.

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