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Наука и учебаA Survival Guide for Child Care Providers (Early Childhood Education)

A Survival Guide for Child Care Providers (Early Childhood Education)
Название:A Survival Guide for Child Care Providers (Early Childhood Education)
Автор:Karen (Karen Levine) Levine
Издательство:Wadsworth Publishing
Дата издания:2001-10-25
Размер: 1 MB

PERFECT FOR NEW AND SEASONED EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATORS, CAREGIVERS, AND GRADUATING STUDENTS ALIKE, a purposeful book of tips, reflections, and quotes, this guide is based upon anecdotal observations of educators with years of resourceful experiences to share with others in the teaching profession. Throughout the book are statements from well-known educators and early childhood developmentalists including Piaget and Montessori which give emphasis to primary goals of teaching young children. Also serving as a focus for the book are Seven Guiding Principles that are oriented towards early childhood education. These principles provide educators with unassuming appraisals for defining awareness and simplifying, and organizing their lives with respect to issues of education, time management, and relationships with children, parents, and faculty. Enjoyable to read and beautifully illustrated, this book is an inspiration to educators, and enables a sense of camaraderie between all those who seek to keep the joy of teaching young children a satisfying life experience.

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