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Наука и учебаThe History of Canada

The History of Canada
Название:The History of Canada
Автор:Scott W. See
Издательство:Grey House Publishing
Дата издания:2010-09
Размер:6.16 MB

The second largest nation on earth, Canada, with its overarching geography of over one million bodies of water, endless prairies, frozen reaches of the north, and awe-inspiring mountain ranges, holds many stunning lands. Though often portrayed by the American media as a pale reflection of the United States, Canada, as displayed here, has a truly complex and intricate image. The political struggles of the past and present and the clash over issues of ethnicity, race, religion, language, and culture are just some of the details that mark this country's unmatched uniqueness. From the earliest contact between Amerindians and Europeans to the early 21st century, this history draws the reader into the drama that is Canada.

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