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Наука и учебаFunction Theory of Several Complex Variables (AMS Chelsea Publishing)

Function Theory of Several Complex Variables (AMS Chelsea Publishing)
Название:Function Theory of Several Complex Variables (AMS Chelsea Publishing)
Автор:Steven G. Krantz
Издательство:American Mathematical Society
Дата издания:2001-01-16
Размер: 3 MB

This work departs from earlier treatments of the subject by emphasizing integral formulas, the geometric theory of pseudoconvexity, estimates, partial differential equations, approximation theory, the boundary behavior of holomorphic functions, inner functions, invariant metrics, and mapping theory. While due homage is paid to the more traditional algebraic theory (sheaves, Cousin problems, etc.), the student with a background in real and complex variable theory, harmonic analysis, and differential equations will be most comfortable with this treatment.
It is currently the only book on the subject with exercises and a large number of examples.

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