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Наука и учебаNonlinear Random Waves

Nonlinear Random Waves
Название:Nonlinear Random Waves
Автор:Vladimir V. Konotop, Luis Vazquez
Издательство:World Scientific Pub Co Inc
Дата издания:1994-02
Размер: 2.07 MB

This book is mainly devoted to the dynamics of the one-dimensional nonlinear stochastic waves. It contains a description of the basic mathematical tools as well as the latest results in the following fields: exactly integrable nonlinear stochastic equations, dynamics of the nonlinear waves in random media, evolution of the random waves in non-linear media and the basic concepts of the numerical simulations in non-linear random wave dynamics. A brief outline of the localization phenomenon in the nonlinear medium is also given. The approach is interdisciplinary - describing the general methods with application to specific examples. The results presented may be useful for those who work in the areas of solid state physics, hydrodynamics. nonlinear optics, plasma physics, mathematical models of micromolecules and biological structures, ...etc. Since many results are based on the inverse scattering technique, perturbation theory for solitons and the methods of the statistical radiophysics, the terminology of the respective fields is used.

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