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Научно-популярноеCreeping Land Snails (No Backbone! the World of Invertebrates)

Creeping Land Snails (No Backbone! the World of Invertebrates)название: Creeping Land Snails (No Backbone! the World of Invertebrates)
издатель : Bearport Publishing
[b]автор: Nancy White
год:[/b] 2009
формат: pdf
страниц: 24
language: English
ISBN: 9781597167536
размер : 2,53 mb
Для сайта:

Мир Беспозвоночных - Земляные улитки

How does a land snail move from one place to the next? The snail oozes a thick, slippery slime that it uses to slide over rough objects. Even with their special slime, however, these invertebrates can’t move very fast. In fact, some land snails can only creep along at a speed of about two inches per minute! These are just some of the fascinating facts children will discover as they explore the strange and unusual world of these creepy crawlers. Vivid, eye-popping photos and clear, grade-appropriate text will engage emergent and early readers as they learn about the natural habitat, physical characteristics, diet, and behavior of this unique invertebrate.

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