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Научно-популярноеPhilips Atlas of the Universe

Philips Atlas of the UniverseАвтор:Sir Patrick Moore
Название:Philip's Atlas of the Universe
Размер:50.93 MB

Атлас Вселенной - всеобъемлющий справочник по обозримому космосу. Множество фотографий из наземных обсерваторий, с орбитального телескопа Хабл и межпланетных аппаратов.

Fully revised and updated, this atlas provides an informative guide to the cosmos. Written by one of Britain's best-known astronomers, it contains a wealth of photographs from ground-based telescopes and the Hubble Space Telescope, as well as images from nearly four decades of robotic exploration of the planets. Tables of data and 22 star maps accompany information on the stars, solar system and the universe. Practical advice for beginners and more advanced astronomers, including how to choose a telescope, is also included.

Superb and comprehensive review of astronomy for the beginner and experienced enthusiast alike. Written in Patrick's inimitable and accurate way with great enthusiasm for every little detail about the planets and constellations. No errors I could notice either.

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Размер: 50.94 Mb(cкачиваний: 6)

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