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Научно-популярноеChariots of the Gods

Chariots of the GodsАвтор: Erich Von Daniken
Название: Chariots of the Gods
Издательство: Effone Electronic Press
Год: 1968
Формат: pdf, rtf, fb2, txt
Язык: Английский (English)
Cтраниц: 194 с.
Размер: 5,45 Mb
Для сайта: eKnigi.org

All over the world there are fantastic ruins and improbable objects which cannot be explained by conventional theories of history, archaeology, and religion.
Why, for instance, do the world's sacred books describe Gods who came down from the sky in fiery chariots and always promised to return? How could an ancient Sanskrit text contain an account which could only be of a journey in an alien craft? Compare photographs of American space centre launch sites to the constructions on the plains of Nazca in Peru.
In order to understand the mysteries which Erich Von Daniken has catalogued we must go back to these ancient relics with an open mind. We must call in the resources and experience of sciences other than archeology. Read Von Daniken's classic work and make up your own mind.

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