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Научно-популярноеTips and tidbits for the for the horse lover

Tips and tidbits for the for the horse lover
Авторы: Tena Bastian
Издательство: Publisher: Wilce
Год: 2004
Кол-во страниц: 272
Формат: pdf
Размер: 3 Мб
Язык: englich

The term “drop a stick” on a horse means to measure her height; that is, to see how tall she is. A horse’s height is measured in hands, from the ground to her withers—the bone at the point where her mane ends and her back begins. Each hand equals four inches, originally based on the average width of a human hand. A horse that is said to be fifteen hands is actually sixty inches tall at the withers. If a horse measures more than an exact number of hands, the extra inches are shown after a decimal point, so a horse that is fifteen hands and three inches is written 15.3 hh. The tallest horse ever recorded is a Shire named Samson, who stood just over 21.2 hh. Keeping in mind that a hand is four inches, this horse stood over seven feet tall! The shortest horse in history was named Little Pumpkin, who stood a mere fourteen inches tall.

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