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Научно-популярноеMoonwalk with Your Eyes: A Pocket Field Guide

Moonwalk with Your Eyes: A Pocket Field Guide
Название: Moonwalk with Your Eyes: A Pocket Field Guide
Автор: Tammy Plotner
Издательство: Springer
Год: 2009
Страниц: 360
Формат: PDF
Размер: 48 mb
ISBN: 1441906452
Язык: Английский
Of all the many things we can look at in the night sky, the Moon is one of the richest in its ever-changing detail, as changes in light and shadow daily transform what you can see of every feature. Whether you use binoculars, a small telescope or a large one,you will find the Moon offers new horizons rich in exploration opportunities.
Moonwalk with Your Eyes guides the reader quickly through lunar basics: how to determine the lunar day and what lunar terminology you might encounter here and in other books. From there you’ll be taken on a guided visual journey that encompasses what can be seen at any given time for all levels of observers.
Moonwalk with Your Eyes features high-quality annotated photographs and solid background information to help the reader understand many lunar phenomena. Here is a guide that allows those who simply gaze at the Moon to find a deeper appreciation of it; for those who use binoculars and small telescopes, this is a comprehensive guide to identifying what can be seen; and advanced observers will be challenged with a rare quality look at areas of the Moon that are not covered by other lunar guide books.

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