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Научно-популярноеCultural Citizenship: Cosmopolitan Questions (Issues in Cultural and Media Studies)

Cultural Citizenship: Cosmopolitan Questions (Issues in Cultural and Media Studies)
Название:Cultural Citizenship: Cosmopolitan Questions (Issues in Cultural and Media Studies)
Автор:Nick Stevenson
Издательство:Open University Press
Дата издания:2003-10-01
Размер: 1.02 MB

"impressive in its coverage of contemporary and classical social and political theories of citizenship. Stevenson's summaries are instructive and thorough, and his interpretations perspicacious and relevant." Southern Review
*Why has 'culture' become central to political debates?
*How might we rethink questions of citizenship in an information age?
*Will cosmopolitanism become the key ideal of the future?

This readable and accessible guide links questions of identity, individualization, multiculturalism, and mediation to a politics of culture. This book draws from debates in political theory, cultural studies and sociology, and focuses on issues such as:
The reshaping of citizenship by globalization
New social movements
The decline of the nation- state
The impact of popular culture
Stevenson argues that questions of cosmopolitanism are increasingly likely to emerge within these contexts. Whether we are discussing the destruction of the environment, issues of cultural policy, the city or consumer culture these questions can all be linked to cosmopolitan dimensions. Issues of rights, obligations and cultural respect are now all central to the way in which we conceive our common world. This original book asks us to rethink the kinds of politics and personhood that are suitable for an information age.

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