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Научно-популярноеDiversity in Gifted Education: International Perspectives on Global Issues

Diversity in Gifted Education: International Perspectives on Global Issues
Название:Diversity in Gifted Education: International Perspectives on Global Issues
Автор:B. Wallace
Дата издания:2006-05-27
Размер: 3 MB

Are national and international systems of education really inclusive when it comes to the education of gifted and talented?

As provision for Gifted and Talented children over the past decade becomes more effective and better understood, this timely book calls upon experts in the field from around the world to share their expertise and best practice. This unique collection of different cultural approaches to the education of the gifted highlights for the first time in once publication, the very best ideas gleaned from a variety of different approaches.
The eminent contributors to this ground-breaking test highlight generic and critical issues in the field of disadvantage and diversity. In their chapters, they:
В· present an overview of international perspectives on the issues of multi-cultural and gifted education;
В· examine the critical issues related to cultural definitions of giftedness in programming for diverse gifted students;
В· present regional real-life case studies, in order to inform practitioners' best practice;
В· examine issues of access for gifted students, in relation to culture, poverty, race and gender.

In addition, details of websites and associations which offer support and advice in meeting the needs of diverse gifted students are also provided, making this book an invaluable resource for academics, researchers, teachers and parents of gifted and talented children.

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