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КультураArt and Architecture in Medieval France

Art and Architecture in Medieval France
Название: Art and Architecture in Medieval France: Medieval Architecture, Sculpture, Stained Glass, Manuscripts, the Art of the Church Treasuries
Автор: Whitney S. Stoddard
Издательство: Harper and Row
Год: 1972
Страниц: 436
ISBN: 0064300226
Формат: PDF
Размер: 76 MB
Язык Английский
This is an English-language study on the architecture and art of medieval France of the Romanesque and Gothic periods, approximately 1000 - 1500. In addition to essays on individual monuments there are general discussions of given periods and specific problems such as: why did Gothic come into being? Whitney Stoddard explores the interrelationship between all forms of medieval ecclesiastical art and characterization of the Gothic cathedral, which he believes to have an almost metaphysical basis.

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