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КультураAnd Picasso Painted Guernica

And Picasso Painted Guernica
Название: And Picasso Painted Guernica
Автор: Alain Serres
Издательство: Allen Unwin
Год: 2010
ISBN: 1741759943
Страниц: 52
Язык: English
Формат: PDF
Размер: 15,4 MB

Picasso's artistic genius was clear from childhood. This outstanding book begins with the doves young Pablo painted with his father when he was only seven, then highlights his later passions for harlequins and street people, bulls and minotaurs, new ways of seeing, and new ways of rendering life. All of these contributed to the massive work 1937 Guernica, painted as a protest against the bombing of defenseless civilians and against the brutality of war everywhere. It is a biography of both an epoch-making artist and a unique painting that resonated with the outrage of people around the world. Not just a beautiful book, with many working drawings, photographs, and full-color paintings, this is also a fascinating insight into the creative process. At the heart of the book is the complete work, spread across an eight-page gatefold.

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