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КультураEcoregion-Based Design for Sustainability

Ecoregion-Based Design for Sustainability
Название:Ecoregion-Based Design for Sustainability
Автор:Robert G. Bailey
Дата издания:2002-08-01
Размер:12.00 MB

This book completes Robert G. Bailey's celebrated study of ecoregions, begun in the landmark Ecosystem Geography (1996) and further articulated in Ecoregions (1998). In this third installment, the author expands his system for defining large-scale ecological zones to encompass principles of land management, regional planning, and design. In an engaging, non-technical discussion, he shows how larger patterns and processes that characterize a region-its climate, topography, soils, vegetation, fauna, and human culture-provide essential keys to the sustainability of ecosystems. Regional Landscape Ecology and Sustainable Design will be welcomed by land and resource managers, landscape architects and urban planners, ecologists, students, and anyone interested in ecology-based design.
Robert G. Bailey is a geographer with the United States Forest Service in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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