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КультураMesoamerica's Classic Heritage: From Teotihuacan to the Aztecs

Mesoamerica's Classic Heritage: From Teotihuacan to the Aztecs
Название: Mesoamerica's Classic Heritage: From Teotihuacan to the Aztecs
Автор: David Carrasco, Lindsay Jones, Scott Sessions
Издательство: University Press of Colorado
Год: 2002
Количество страниц: 584
Язык: English
Формат: pdf
Размер: 8.5 Mb

For more than a millennium the great Mesoamerican city of Teotihuacan (c. 150 B.C.E.—750 C.E.) has been imagined and reimagined by a host of subsequent cultures, including our own. Mesoamerica’s Classic Heritage engages the subject of the unity and diversity of pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica by focusing on the classic heritage of this ancient city. This new volume is the product of several years of research by members of Princeton University’s Moses Mesoamerican Archive and Research Project and Mexico’s Proyecto Teotihuacan. Offering a variety of disciplinary perspectives—including the history of religions, anthropology, archaeology, and art history—and a wealth of new data, Mesoamerica’s Classic Heritage examines Teotihuacan's rippling influence across Mesoamerican time and space, including important patterns of continuity and change, and its relationships, both historical and symbolic, with Tenochtitlan, Cholula, and various Maya communities.

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