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КультураThe Guitar Style of Stevie Ray Vaughan

The Guitar Style of Stevie Ray Vaughan
Название: "The Guitar Style of Stevie Ray Vaughan"
Инструментальная принадлежность: Гитара
Издательство: Hal Leonard
Автор: Wolf Marshall
Язык: английский
Год: 1990
Формат: PDF и MP3 VBR
Страниц: 368
ISBN: 793572576
Размер: 40,2 МБ

Wolf Marshall’s second volume on the legendary blues guitarist. This new release contains transcriptions, performance notes, lessons, music, and additional information for 12 classic Stevie Ray Vaughan songs. The 80-page book includes a matching CD with 38 tracks so that you can jam-along with the authentic music as you learn. Wolf’s stereo split mix allows you to select just the main guitar part, the full band backing tracks, or to hear all the instruments together. The audio also features slow playing demonstrations to aid you in studying the intricacies of every song as well as a tuning track. Bonus sections cover the SRV discography, the tools of Texas tone, and commentary on five significant recordings.

Change It
Couldn't Stand The Weather
Gone Home
Little Wing
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Say What
Tell Me
Texas Flood
Tin Pan Alley
Voodoo Chile

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