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КультураGreat Italian and French Composers

Great Italian and French Composers название : Great Italian and French Composers
издатель : Dodo Press
автор : George T. Ferris
год: 2007
формат: pdf
страниц: 192
Language: English
ISBN : 9781406523751
размер архива: 1,07 мб

A title written by George Titus Ferris, detailing great Italian and French composers including Rossini and Verdi.

Music, as speaking the language of feeling, emotion, and passion, found its first full expansion in the operatic form. There had been attempts to represent drama with chorus, founded on the ancient Greek drama, but it was soon discovered that dialogue and monologue could not be embodied in choral forms without involving an utter absurdity. The spirit of the renaissance had freed poetry, statuary, and painting, from the monopolizing claims of the church. Music, which had become a well equipped and developed science, could not long rest in a similar servitude. Though it is not the aim of the author to discuss operatic history, a brief survey of the progress of opera from its birth cannot be omitted. The oldest of the entertainments which ripened into Italian opera belongs to the last years of the fifteenth century, and was the work of the brilliant Politian, known as one of the revivalists of Greek learning attached to the court of Cosmo de' Medici and his son Lorenzo.

Table of Contents:
Piccini, Paisiello, and Cimarosa
Donizetti and Bellini
Cherubini and his Predecessors
Meiül, Spontini, and Halévy
Boïeldieu and Auber
Gounod and Thomas

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